Episode 15

Western Australian Warrior with parent advocate, Symone Wheatley-Hey

Lou and Symone talk about Western Australian education and how it's deeply failing Western Australian children. They discuss advocacy efforts at department and Minister level and also discuss Symone's clever idea for a group Disability Royal Commission submission that is entirely anonymous. An episode not to be missed for anyone in Australia!

Western Australian Warrior with parent advocate, Symone Wheatley-Hey

This is the episode where Lou announces her recent diagnosis of terminal lung cancer but the focus of this episode is a discussion between Lou and parent Advocate, Symone Wheatley-Hey. Symone discusses her struggles with the WA education system and the efforts of the WA Square Peg Round Whole group to engage with Education Minister, Sue Ellery.
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Minister Ellery, even if you don't listen to me, listen to the neurodivergent community"
Symone Wheatley-Hey

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