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Autistic Play is Beautiful
The Neurodivergent Doctor
When my first kid was identified as Autistic, the usual diagnostic criteria were followed. The focus was on what my kid couldn’t do, that typically developing kids the same age can do. I felt a fool, for not noticing my kid's play was so lacking and incorrect. My neurodivergent family's play could be described as restricted, repetitive patterns of interest, lacking neurotypical communication and social interaction. Our play is also beautiful, fun, rich with connection and Autistic identity.
Self-Advocacy. What Happens when our Children speak up?
6th February, 2022
Lou Kuchel
What happens when our children speak up about their neurodivergence? How can we help them to be heard in a constructive and helpful way? I recently experienced the power of self-advocacy when my son wrote a letter that will change the trajectory of his school year ahead.
The Birth of Square Peg Round WhoIe podcast: a neuro-divergent community
14th December, 2021
Lou Kuchel
From confusion and despair to advocating for change, so emerged the idea of a podcast about neurodiversity and inclusion. Square Peg Round Whole is a podcast for everybody with a focus on supporting those who are differently wired.

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