Compassion and Inclusion for the Neurodivergent Community through Advocacy and Education

Embracing neurodivergence at home, at school and in the workplace.

What is Square Peg Round Whole?

What are we trying to achieve?
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Ensuring every neurodivergent person is included at school and in the community as is their human right.


Understanding and embracing neurodiversity through compassion and environmental adjustment.


Upskilling and empowering parents and neurodivergent people to advocate within society to access equity.

Latest Episode

PDA and CPS with Dr Theresa Kidd and Dr Miriam Kirby

In this episode Lou discussed PDA (Pathological Demand Avoidance) with Dr Theresa Kidd and Dr Miriam Kirby. They also discussed Collaborative Proactive Solutions and how they utilise the model in their clinical practice as well as working within schools to help PDA students to access learning.
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It’s time to get involved!

We all have a responsibility to speak up if we want the round holes to accommodate our square pegs.  Change will not happen on its own. Add your contribution and get involved today.  
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Read our response to the Disability Royal Commission Final Report

Our submission response to the Disability Royal Commission on the Final Report is now available on the Submissions page. Read our calls for an end to segregated schooling in Australia as well as greater co-design with the disabled community.
I have listened to all your episodes. Thank you so's been the best podcast series I have listened to this year.
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Our Resources

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Supporting the mental health of neurodivergent students at school
Neurodivergent mental health occupational therapist Karenza Harding (BScOT), on behalf of Square Peg Round Whole.
A neurodiversity affirming, PDA aware handbook for schools, teachers, educators and families on supporting mental health.
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Disability Royal Commission Volume 7 Summary
Square Peg Round Whole
This flyer summarises the recommendations of the Disability Royal Commission from Volume 7 Inclusive Education, Employment and Housing.
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Tips to help young people start the new school year
Square Peg Round Whole
We collated our members feedback on what helps their young person have a positive start to the school year in one handy resource.
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