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Hear from our young people who are advocating for more inclusive schools and acceptance for neurodivergent and disabled students.
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Dear Mrs Principal, From Your Neurodivergent Student
May 26, 2024

A letter from a Neurodivergent Student to their Principal.

Dear Mrs (Principal),

I am (student’s name). I just wanted to tell you about something I don’t think is fair on the mat. On the mat sometimes kids get to go up to the board to answer questions. The problem is that the teacher usually only picks kids that are sitting nicely. This is unfair because some kids have disabilities that don’t allow them to sit nicely. Sometimes they never get picked and after school that can lead to them being very overloaded. Also if you don’t know what overloaded means it is basically sad angry and tired mixed together. When kids get overloaded this can be bad for their feelings and also for other kids. That’s because overloaded kids can be dangerous sometimes. They are not trying to be dangerous it’s just there feeling coming out. They might stop coming to school because they don’t want to get in trouble they also don’t want to hurt other kids.

So I have two ideas. My first idea is that the teacher can pick random kids even if they are not sitting nicely. My second idea is that the teacher can get everyone to sit in rows and then they can pick the first person then the second then the third then the fourth then the fifth then the sixth and I think you get the point. I think if we change the mat rules the kids will be less overloaded and the teachers will have less work. Then teacher will stay at the school for longer. It is really hard to transition to a different teacher.

Thank you and I hope you have a lovely day. Bye.

From (student) Room x (year 2)

A letter to my Year 2 Teacher, from your Neurodivergent student
April 21, 2024

This letter was submitted by a Square Peg Round Whole WA member and their Year 2 Neurodivergent child. This letter is in response to the recent media on neurodivergent students and school behaviour.

A student's hand-written letter containing illustrations of planets. The letter contains spelling that has been changed for accessibility purposes. All names have been redacted. The letter reads:

Date 21/4/24.

Hello miss year 2 teacher.

Just wanted to tell you I am not sure if you know about this but union for teachers is being mean to disabled kids like me so if you know about this please can you tell them not to be mean. Also I am feeling very very very mad about this so could you tell them if you know about this and tell them to maybe change the newspaper to maybe something better oh and I do not think I mentioned the newspaper.

Thank you if you do.

From your Neurodivergent Student.

“I love how authentic they are, so real and easy to tune into. Sometimes I find myself commenting aloud, like I am there and a part of the conversation. I’ve never met Lou, but she feels like a long lost supportive friend you can contact anytime when struggling and in need of some direction. And, if you do, she even responds and jumps into action!"
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