Episode 23

A Special Understanding

This really is "A Special Understanding". It's story of neurodivergent single parenting and all that comes with and it's a story of self discovery and advocacy.

A Special Understanding

This really is "A Special Understanding". It's an understanding of Treacy and everything she's been through in her life from years of mis-diagnosis and all that comes with that, of the trauma, fear and challenges of single parenting a neurodivergent child when you don't understand your own neurology. It's the revelation when the penny drops. It's fierce advocacy at school and in the world in general. It's the special understanding and special relationship between a son and his mum. A really heartfelt lived experience episode. Enjoy!
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Too Peas in a Podcast website
Kate Jones and Mandy Hose
My depression was a result of not knowing who I was and trying to be someone I'm not, trying to make my brain work a different way."
Treacy Devlin

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